Lords Mobile Promo Code

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Lords Mobile Promo Code

In our article titled Lords Mobile Promo Code, we will share unused and completely free Lords Mobile Promo Codes that we have carefully collected for you. You can find codes that will be useful to you in the continuation of the article.

Lords Mobile is IGG’s mobile strategic action game where you have to fight for territories, hire troops, besiege enemy strongholds and defend your own. Colorful graphics, user-friendly interface, and clear development system attract more and more players.

Description of the game Lords Mobile

A game where everyone can become the Emperor of his kingdom! Gather a guild and go into battle with players from all over the world! Exciting raids, monster hunts, daily quests and quests, regular events with amazing prizes, a mysterious and vibrant world of powerful heroes, fierce battles, and victorious victories are waiting for you in Lords Mobile! Free cult game on Android!

The essence of the game was simple. Lords Mobile is a free-to-play MMO strategy with various game modes. But no matter which game mode you play, you will have to level up in any of them and spend time or money on various in-game resources that are not missing in Lords Mobile.
Like most games, Lords Mobile has promotional codes for various gifts. We’ll tell you how to get them.

Lords Mobile Promo Code 2022

Players can set up their bases, train their units, research enthusiasts, recruit heroes with unique abilities, and lead their armies into battle. But whether you’re an experienced or a new player, everyone loves free stuff, right? Below you will find a list of all currently active in the form of Lords Mobile codes. A list of current codes of Lords Mobile, which can be exchanged for acceleration, shield, VIP points, construction bonuses, courage, gold, food, stones, ores, and wood.

Lords Mobile gift codes are an easy and free way to get rewards. To help you with these codes, we provide you with a complete list of codes that work for Lords Mobile. Lords Mobile promo codes are a set of promotional codes that are published from time to time by game developers. These codes will make your game journey exciting and interesting.

May Be Interested

Top 5 Gift Codes for Lords Mobile

  • FATHERDAY2022 – 100 VIP points (x5), 2000 energy, 5 x60 min boosts, 5 x60 min research boosts, 1 move, 500,000 food, 150,000 stone, 150,000 wood, 150,000 ore, and 50,000 gold (Expires) July 31, 2022
  • MOTHERDAY2022 – 100% Artifact Coins x2, 50,000 Gold x1, 150,000 Ore x1, 150,000 Wood x1, 150,000 Stones x1, 500,000 Food x1, Random Movement x1, Research Speedup (60m) x5, Speedup (60m)x5, 2000 units energy x1, 100 VIP points x5 (Expires June 30, 2022)
  • IGG16YEARS – 100 VIP points (x5), 2000 energy, 1 courage, 5 x 3 hour boosts, 5 x 3 hour research boosts, 1 movement, 500,000 food, 150,000 stone, 150,000 wood, 150,000 ore, 50,000 gold and 200 artifact coins (expires June 30, 2022)
  • LM2022 – 25% Gold Bonus (x10), 25% bonus to Ore (x10), 25% Wood Bonus (x10), 25% Stone Bonus (x10), 25% Food Bonus (x10), 10 Training Boosts 10 minutes each, 10 research boosts of 10 minutes each, 1000 energy (x10), a 25% bonus to player experience, and a rogue (x10)
  • LM001 (Novice Only) – 10 Lighters1 Courage, 100 VIP Points (x3), 10 x 10 min Speedboost, 10 x 10 min Exploration Boost, 150,000 Food (x10), 50,000 Stone (x10), 50,000 ores (x10), 50,000 wood (x10) and 50,000 gold (x10)
    To avoid mistakes, be sure to enter the Lords Mobile code exactly as it looks above, including special characters and letters (uppercase and lowercase). If you copy and paste the code into the correct field in the game, the promotional codes will work without any problems.

Old Codes of Lords Mobile

• collector
• easter2022
• 2022
• kungfupanda
• 2021LORDS
• Thanksgiving
• LMHalloween
• 2021CJ
• vx888;
• give away
• IGG15TH;
• saintseiya;
• LM001
• Chadra5
• LM2021
• Alice5
• Shane5
• Joan5
• wesley5
• zdu3g7a6
• LM648
• 6XEK34RJ
We are constantly monitoring the release of new bonuses and updating the list of valid promotional codes for Lords Mobile so that you can have a comfortable and fun time in the game. If you encounter code that doesn’t work, or if you have current code (and it’s not listed here), share it in a comment.

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