How to Increase Headphone Volume?

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How to Increase Headphone Volume?

Many videos or audio recordings containing sound, such as the music we have listened to or the movies we have watched, on our technological devices we use, may be at an insufficient volume level depending on the quality and volume of the content. Due to the problems of performing such works and making it difficult to watch recordings or videos, questions such as how to increase the headphone volume and with which programs to do this are very curious by the users.

For those who are wondering about sound levels and increasing the levels, in this article, we will discuss the topic of increasing the headphone volume and we will be sharing the necessary information and what you can do step by step with you. By following the steps below, you can learn how to increase the headphone volume on computers or phones and continue to use your devices without any problems by providing an easy operation.

How to Increase Headphone Volume on Phones with Android Operating System?

Headphone Volume Booster on android
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There are a few steps you need to check for sound problems you have experienced on your phones with Android operating system.

  • Make sure that the speaker is not blocked or that the sound will not be loud enough due to any dirt.
  • If you can control the volume of your device on the lock screen, turn up the volume, if not, press the volume up button after unlocking your device, and increase the options you want to turn on the media volume and other volume from the volume panel that opens.
  • Log into your device’s settings. You can control the headphone settings and customize the sound profiles from the screen with the sound controls in the settings section.

How to Increase Headphone Volume on iPhone?

Headphone Volume Booster on iphone
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It is a very difficult process to change the default settings of the phone by installing external programs on devices with iOS operating system, as in Android phones. The actions allowed by iPhone to increase the volume will provide an adequate volume amplification experience.

  1. First of all, make sure that your device with the iOS operating system you are using has the latest version, and if it is not up to date, install the latest version.
  2. Go to your phone’s settings.
  3. Access the Accessibility menu.
  4. Enter the sound section.
  5. Your health to enter the menu in the form of headphone adaptation from the screen that opens.
  6. By activating the headphone adaptation, you can customize the sound settings.
  7. In addition to headphone volume amplification, you can use custom sound settings on your device or headphones. You can control the balance slider and adjust the equalizer settings by entering the sound section on the accessibility section of your device.
  8. Make sure that you have made the headphone adaptation settings while your headphones are connected.

Which Apps Can Be Used for Headphone Volume Booster on Phones?

There are several sound amplification applications that you can use to increase the headphone volume on your devices with Android operating system. These;

  1. equalizer: It is a voice control application that has an interface where you can download this application from the Google Play Store and make settings such as virtual echo effects and depth that you can use in different environments and make you feel like you are in different places.
  2. EqualizerFX: It is a sound control application that you can choose to have a quality sound experience while you want to increase the volume on your phone, and you can virtualize the sound channels with more than ten preset and quick adjustment features. This application, which you can use in the headphone volume boosting category, is an application where you can use sound effects such as stereo.
  3. VLC for Android: VLC, which is used as a multimedia player, is a volume control application that can double the headphone volume amplification function if you give the necessary permissions on your Android devices.
  4. MX Player: It is a volume control application that supports not only file formats such as MP3 or MP4, but also many file formats and can be used as an equalizer tool.
  5. Precise Volume: It is a sound control application that allows you to create different sound profiles that you use for many content such as movies, music, series, videos, from the media tools you want to amplify, and has more than ten volume settings.

How to Increase Headphone Volume on Computers?

  1. In order to increase the headphone volume on your computers, log in by searching the “control panel” from the search button on the bottom left of your computer.
  2. When the control panel opens, click on the sound option with the “speaker icon” next to it.
  3. Several audio devices in the playback tab will appear on the screen. From here, select the headset you want to increase the headphone volume.
  4. When you select it, click on the “properties” button at the bottom right. You can also access the properties tab by right-clicking on the device.
  5. From the speaker properties screen that opens, enter the “levels” tab from the tabs at the top.
  6. From this area you can increase the volume in the speakers option. If you wish, you can perform the balance operation as well as the headphone volume amplification by clicking the balance button next to the area where the volume is controlled in order to balance between the left or right speakers.

Which Programs Can Be Used to Boost Headphone Volume on Computers?

In addition to the default settings you can make on the computer, there are several sound amplification programs that you can use for computer and headphone sound amplification. Especially on computers with Windows 10 operating system, there are not many programs that can be used as a sound booster program.

How to Increase Headphone Volume?

You can install any of the following headphone volume booster or computer audio booster programs on the computer you have used, and continue to use it easily by performing the volume boosting process.

  1. FxSound: It is a sound amplification program that is used to improve the sound quality you can use due to the low sound problem you have experienced on computers and to solve the low sound problem. It is a paid program and offers a trial version to users.
  2. Fidelizer: It is a sound booster program that is compatible with many music and video platforms in use and can easily and smoothly work with common applications such as Spotify YouTube. It is a program that can be used in the headphone volume boosting category and has 7 different sound settings. There are two different user versions, plus and pro. Both versions are paid and will help you solve the headphone volume amplification problem by providing easy use for the price.
  3. Boom 3D: It is a sound control program that works on devices with Windows 10 operating system and offers a 30-day sound boosting service to users thanks to its 30-day free trial version. The program, which is also used for sound improvements, can also be used on computers with iOS operating system.
  4. Bongiovi DPS: It is a volume control program specially designed for computers with Windows 10 operating system and made available in this way to be used with settings such as customizing and amplifying sound settings on the computer, such as increasing the headphone volume. It is highly preferred by users because it works in harmony with the system capacity.
  5. Sound Forge Audio Cleaning Lab 2: It is a volume control program that is coded in a feature that will contribute to sound quality as well as sound improvement and amplification needs, such as headphone volume up or speaker volume amplification. It basically aims to provide users with a clean voice service and an uninterrupted audio streaming service along with high sound quality. It has many sound control features.

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Why are my headphones not loud enough?

The most common problem that leads to low volume in headphones is a faulty connection. This might be due to an issue with the headphone jack or plug itself and is often easy to fix.

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